Missouri Medicare Insurance

Missouri Medicare Is A Federal Health Program For People Of Age 65 Or Above. People With Disabilities Or With Disease Like End Stage Renal Disease (Esrd) With Age Less Than 65 Are Also Covered By Medicare.

Parts Of Medicare

Medicare Is Divided Into Four Parts: Part A, Part B, Part C And Part D.

Original Medicare Consists Of Part A (Hospital Insurance) And Part B (Medical Insurance).

Medicare Part A

  • Covers Inpatient Care In Hospitals.
  • Covers Skilled Nursing Facility, Hospice And Home Health Care.

Medicare Part B

  • Covers Doctor?s Services And Outpatient Care.
  • Covers Some Preventive Services To Maintain Your Health.

Medicare Part C

  • Health Coverage Plan Approved By Medicare Given By Private Insurance Companies.
  • Includes Part A And Part B And Also Other Services Like Part D.

Medicare Part D

  • Prescription Drug Coverage Approved By Medicare Given By Private Insurance Companies.
  • Covers The Cost Of Prescription Drugs.
  • Lowers Your Prescription Drug Cost By Sharing The Cost.

Change In Coverage And Cost

The Coverage And Cost Of Medicare Plans Change Every Year. Your Medicare Or Medigap Or Part D Plans Can Change Its Cost And Coverage Services In Health Care Each Year.

You Can Switch To Any Of These Plans As Required According To Your Health Needs And Prescriptions In Falls Every Year.

Initial Enrollment Period

You Can Avail The Enrollment For Part B Anytime In Seven Month Period. This Seven Month Period Starts Three Months Before You Are 65 And Ends Three Months After The Month You Complete 65 Years Of Age.

Before 65 Years 3 Months By Signing In This Period You Can Get Benefits Or Coverage Of Medicare Part B From Your Month In Which You Turn 65
Before 65 Years 2 Months
Before 65 Years 1 Month
Month In Which You Complete 65 Years By Signing In This Month Your Part B Start Date Will Be Delayed
After 65 Years 1 Month By Signing In Months After You Turn 65,Your Date To Get Part B Benefits Will Be Delayed

General Enrollment Period

If You Want To Sign Up After Initial Enrollment Period, You Have To Pay High Premium Due To Late Enrollment. The General Enrollment Period Starts From January 1 To March 31 Each Year. In This Case The Part B Benefits Begin From July 1.

Medicare Does Not Cover The Following

1)?? Long Term Care

2)?? Routine Dental Care

3)?? Cosmetic Surgery

4)?? Dentures

5)?? Acupuncture

6)?? Hearing Aids